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LCS Advantage

Consultant services can save your organizations thousands of dollars a year, immediately alleviating your operational budget and allowing your organization to allocate financial resources for other necessary expenses.  In addition to grant writing services, for a minimal monthly retainer, Leight Consulting Services can manage many of the daily responsibilities of a grant writer or development associate including:  donor research, grant calendar management, grant administration and reporting, strategic planning, database management, program design and program evaluation.
Program Design

Often times, an organization is qualified and eligible to pursue a funding opportunity, but is unfamiliar with the type of program that will most likely receive an award.  Leight Consulting Services will carefully review the Request for Proposal and available previously awarded proposals and will present a full program plan for consideration.

Grant Management

Following an award, funders will typically require additional information and reports to ensure that the program is meeting the proposed goals and objectives.  Leight Consulting Services will manage all aspects of an organization’s award(s) and ensure full compliance with the donor.


Proposal Development

Through technological business solutions and/or onsite meetings, Leight Consulting Services will coordinate the entire application process for Request for Proposals,  including a professionally developed narrative that aligns the organization’s needs and goals with the funding guidelines, detailed budget and justification, coordination of all required documents and assistance with supplemental documentation

Strategic Planning

Leight Consulting Services will meet with an organization interested in initiating a development program to identify strengths and weaknesses, to set goals for improvement, and to identify local community resources and partnerships available to strengthen future ventures.


Corporate, foundation and government donors are now requiring extensive evaluation plans to monitor the effectiveness of their awards.  A comprehensive outcome-based measurement plan is necessary to secure an award with an evaluator that has the experience and expertise to produce formative and summative final reports that validate the success of the project. Leight Consulting Services provides evaluation services through two avenues:  


1) During the proposal development process, we will create an evaluation plan that we will implement and manage following award through a supplemental contract for services; and

2) We assist organizations who have successfully received an award and need assistance in gathering and aggregating data to produce quarterly, annual or final reports.


501c 3 Application

The vast majority of available funding opportunities requires that an organization hold a nonprofit status with the Internal Revenue Service.  For those who have not obtained this determination, Leight Consulting Services will work with you to establish eligibility and then prepare the necessary documents to apply for this status.


Database Management

LCS offers database management services to organize your donor pipeline and enhance customer relationships and cultivation. We have experience with Salesforce, DonorPerfrect, and others non-profit CRM platforms. 


Funding Research

A Donor Opportunity Report will identify potential donors for your organization and assist in the establishment of a grant calendar to manage the timely submission of applications. 

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